The Nordic in the new world order

The Nordic countries have strong economies. We have managed to keep the unemployment rather low in a time of crisis in Europe. In Sweden about 8 percent of the population is without a job, in Norway 3 percent, compared to an average of 12 in the European Union. Those are som of the facts we´ve learned more about the first two weeks at Nordiskt journalistcenter in Aarhus, Denmark (even though I think we all knew this more or less before – it was quite interesting to hear about all of it in a context where our countries could be seen as role models).

Still, in an Nordic context as the course ”Norden i den nye verdensorden”, it´s hard not to discuss issues we all tend to se as worrying problems. Problems that has been growing for a while now. Migration was recently a subject in the Swedish tv-show Agenda – an infected discussion where no one seems to have the solution. In the debate Erik Ullenhag, Swedish Migration minister, accused the leader of Sverigedemokraterna Jimmie Åkesson to be heartless.

Yesterday, during ”svensk afton”, we all saw the movie Äta sova dö (Eat sleep die). The director Gabriella Pichler manages to put her finger on some things we all could recognize. Problems with companies firing personnel to survive on a global market, how the authorities deal with it and on a personal level how your life can be turned upside down.

The challenge is how we deal with the problems, how we strive to get forward. I believe an exchange between the Nordic countries might be one way to at least learn from both successfull ways of dealing with difficulties, and to avoid the methods that already have been tried.

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